At SENAR Les Délices LYSA Our passion goes back a long way.

For nearly 40 years, your satisfaction has been at the heart of each of our production stages. Before finishing in your hands, each piece of nougat, popcorn grain, peanut grain, cashew nut, praline or portion of butter...follows a long and rigorous selection process, from the choice of raw material to the product. finished.

Here are the secrets of our success:



Peanuts and cashews are sorted, re-sorted and re-re-sorted again! These sorting operations are essential to be able to correctly size the different nuts and offer a low breaking rate. This also makes it possible to keep only the most mature and intact nuts and to offer you perfectly healthy products with very low aflatoxin levels. Our butters are made with the same nuts that you can eat whole.




Our cashews and peanuts are naturally roasted in a refractory stone oven heated over a wood fire. A very healthy box method, because it reduces the risk of contamination by combustion residues to zero (no gas, no sand, no smoke). It naturally gives a lot of crunch to our nuts without adding fat and gives our peanuts and cashews an inimitable wood-fired flavor.

If our peanuts and cashew nuts have a very low salinity rate, it is thanks to a salting technique that we have developed over time. It allows us to provide you with healthy nuts, with a uniform and controlled salt level, and above all, without leaving any residue on the kernels.



The pralination of our sweet product is done manually, in small quantities. This allows us to control the distribution of sugar on the nuts and ensure even cooking. The result: our pralines are golden brown with a very balanced sugar dosage.