SENAR (Senegal Groundnut) is a Senegalese family SME located in Dakar created in 1982 by Mrs. Lydie Sagbo, specializing in the processing and marketing of groundnuts. SENAR is the first Senegalese company to market peanuts in supermarkets in Dakar.

In 1987, Lydie Sagbo expanded her offer by offering cashews and corn (popcorn) under the name of LYSA delights (in reference to Lysa Sagbo).

In 2015, Sylvie Sagbo Gommard, her daughter, took over the management of the family business and in 2017 signed a partnership with the impact investment fund TERANGA CAPITAL to support SENAR in its growth trajectory. This gave birth, the same year, to LYSA & CO, a new company bearing the brand SENAR les délices de Lysa.

This partnership will enable the upgrade of the production tool with the construction of a new processing unit.

In 36 years of existence, the family business of yesteryear is on the way to becoming a success story in the field of agribusiness with distinctions such as the encouragement prize at the SIA 2018 (Salon International de l'Agriculture in Paris ) and respect for values ​​such as the label “made in Senegal”, “100% natural” “hand made”.


To bring pleasure and satisfaction to our customers by providing them with natural products (without dyes or preservatives), healthy (without added fat, reliable salt content, very low aflatoxin rate) and of very high taste quality.


Become the first African multinational specializing in the processing of local nuts, more specifically peanuts and cashews. Give meaning to “Healthy Snacks”, be closer to our customers every day and every moment to offer them healthy, innovative products with exceptional taste quality at the best price.

Our values

Made in Senegal: At SENAR, we are committed to processing high quality materials and it is only natural that we source our supplies from Senegalese producers to obtain first-rate peanuts and cashews.

Artisanal know-how and innovation: For nearly 40 years, we have been developing recognized know-how in the selection of raw materials and in our artisanal manufacturing processes.

The requirement of taste: We strive, every day, to bring pleasure and satisfaction to our customers by providing them with the products of high taste quality that they demand.

Our know-how: Experience + Requirement + Innovation + Know-how SENAR